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Published by MysticAngel 14 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Sims 3 Facts The Sims 3 is the Next Generation of Sims Games from EA. But with all the news and previews, interviews and information about what are the actual facts behind the game which lies hidden amongst all that text. Here is a quick summary of information collected from all those pages of information: [b][u]Sims World - Neighborhood[/u][/b] Seamless Neighborhood, no longer will there be multiple neighborhoods such as Down Town, Vacation etc... Load Time when moving around the neighborhood has been eliminated A whole town to explore, includes Neighbors, Shops and Recreation Play pranks on the neighbor Follow Sims while on their way to work. The Sims Town is now compared to the engine which runs SimCity, but on a much larger scale Seasons will be present, and new element included in the game is Wind! Close to 90 houses in the town, each with its own family. Able to model the families to TV shows, live out the lives of Desperate Housewives or maybe a bit of Sopranos. When released only include 1 neighborhood, but the developers plan to release a tool at a later stage to add more neighborhoods. Everyone in the town will age together. Confirmed community places are: Pool, Park, Bistro, Clothing store, City Hall and Bookstore. When the wind blows, you will be able to see the leaves move on the trees. Sims can enjoy the beautiful sunsets. [b][u]Babies[/u][/b] Clear objectives in life will be modeled by the traits, such as if the Sims wants to attend Tertiary education or if they want to get married. Traits are passed down to the child, also what the mother does during her pregnancy will affect the child selection of traits. [u][b]Looks (CAS) - Sims have changed in the way they look![/b][/u] Now also includes the Asian Skin Tone Sims no longer have to have shoes that are fixed to the suit, as with The Sims 2. These are now separate and can be chosen individually. Weight & Fitness are controlled by sliders, Sims will also gradually get bigger or muscular with the sliders. Arms & Legs are individually adjustable with sliders. Clothes are customizable using the CAS screen. [u][b]Work & Home - Things that you can do at work or as a family...[/b][/u] All new improved vegetable patches, to grow what ever food you like. 2 Confirmed careers are Cooking and Science. [u][b]Emotions & Expressions - A new look at the happy and sad in life![/b][/u] There will no longer be "happy" or "sad", or even "furious", Sims will now have a new range of emotions which they will follow allowing them to express themselves even more. The concept of a mood bar in the game has been thrown out and replaced with a set of icons which will show how your Sims feel, these are known as moodlets. Events such as Teenagers First Kiss will make the Happy and Dreamy for a several days Event such as being fired will make the Sim Gloomy for several days, or until they get a new job. Special moods such as embarrassed and depressed are also part of the "moodlets" system. Instead of fixed interaction (like Talk or Joke), the options are filtered on your current Mood or your Traits. Sims can acquire Dreams. Like if your Sim sees that a Neighbor has a big tv, your Sim can get a Dream to want one too. [b][u]Other cool things you didn't know![/u][/b] The inventory of your Sims has been improved, and will now play a much bigger role in comparison to The Sims 2 - such as storing the personal items for your sims. Sims will now focus on many new skills, skills will not be static as in The Sims 2. Custom content will play a very big role, this will allow you to expand your game with out always needing to purchase expansions. Improved AI allows for better autonomy for your Sims. Sims have likes and dislikes to certain foods, colors, music and much more. Clothes and Furniture are now customizable using a range of patterns, you can even add your own patterns! Fishing plays a big role, and will be included as a skill. A very diverse selection of editors will allow players to edit everything from walls to furniture and even hair and clothes. Paintings that a Sim makes, will be unique to each Sim. It's based on its personality and mood. Sims are now able to hold protests and demonstration to show their anger to the government of SimCity. [u][b]Things you've wanted in the game are now there![/b][/u] All new modding tools built into the game Player is now able to pick up items with cursor such as Garbage and Books. [u][b]Unfortunately it never got in...[/b][/u] Multi-player hasn't made it into the game. You can't watch your Sims work, or in school, although you can see them going to work. Once they arrive at work they will disappear into the building, and you will only be able to interact with them again once their working hours are finished. [u][b]Things that are possibly in....[/b][/u] It is mentioned in many media about cars, although this may be included later in the game. It is still unknown if it will be available with the base game.
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