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All Files In The Sims 2 Skins
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Other Pink Dining Table

A pink marble dining table from Emerald.


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Other Bed - Metal Frame

A metal framed bed from Emerald.


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Other Ceramic Tile Floor

A ceramic tile floor for the bathroom from Emerald.


Other Female Loony Tunes Skins

4 New female skins to spice up your collection ;) -loky


Other Final Fantasy VIII Skins Pack

This is part of a project that isn't finished yet. The project(called FF8project) consists on skins from Final Fantasy VIII in Sims 2.Thi...


Other Bruce Campbell

Here we have a skin of the actor Bruce Campbell Enjoy!


Other Male Spidy Skin

Warren brings us a spiderman skin pack, which includes 3 skins for your male infants, teens and adults. Nice work :)


Other Totally Spies Outfits

Here we have a recreation of the charactors from the hit TV show totally spies. The file includes 3 skins, Alex, Sam & clover. Enjoy


Other Fat Pinochio

Fat Pinochio is pretty self explanatory, its an older, fatter, pinochio ;). Take a look at the screenshot. Enjoy!


Other Vampire Skin

This is quite a good use of bodyshop. Basically its a vampire skin for those of you vampire lovers :D.


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Other Alien Sims Set

The Master Chief brings us a set of two alien skins (1 male, 1 female). Have fun!


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Other Doom 3 Sim

Here we have a custom sim & The Master Chief has skinned a 'hoody' in the style of Doom 3.


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Other Ying-Yang Island

Here is a premade neighborhood for the sims2 in the shape of a yin ya sign , enjoy. for moreinformation on how to inport similar maps vi...


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Other Kid's Royal Blue Carpet

Emerald has created a royal blue carpet for a kid's bedroom in Sims 2.


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Other SIMark Card

SIMark Christmas Card: Celebrate the holidays by giving your Sims the absolute best.