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All Files In The Sims 2 Adult
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Adult Jude Bickley

A born leader, He is intelligent enough to get them out of most of the trouble he gets into. Jude is quiet, unobtrusive, and difficult to f...


Adult Rodney Hideeo

Meet Rodney Hideeo. A fine, upstanding citizen with a hint of crazy monsterism. Enjoy


Adult Johnny C. Shirt

This is a shirt i retextured to resemble something Johnny, from the comic Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, would wear. Enjoy!


Adult James Bond

James Bond from Tomorrow Never Dies. I don't think this is a striking resemblence but the skin is alright.


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Adult RuPaulMan

This is a skin created by myself through the program Body Shop which is part of the PC Game "The Sims 2"


Adult Jimi Hendrix

Cool skin of Jimi Hendrix. Who has not heard of him? Check it out by clicking the download link below.


Adult Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman with the suit of protection of Half Life 1 to use in the sims 2 as a personalized masculine mature character.