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All Files In The Sims 2 Make-Up
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Make-Up Blue Eye-Liner

Hmmn, what can I say about this file? What it does is gives your sims a blue eye-liner, preferably for the female sims.


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Make-Up White Eye-Liner

Same idea as the blue-eyeliner, but white.


Make-Up Light Freckles

This small file adds some light freckles to your sims face, there quite hard to see unless there used with the correct skin color. They go w...


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Make-Up Blusher Set - Red, Blue & Green

Here we have a set of three blushers for your sims. Colours include red blue & green. Enjoy!


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Make-Up White Lipstick

This is a white lipstick for your female sims. It has a certain modern feel to it.