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Mini mods Valve Sim pack

This is a mini mod that add a Gordon player skin and the abiliti to play hl2 on your computer (in sims2) and to watch it on TV . ;)


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Mini mods Buyablle reward objects

Place this file into the Collections folder. Go to a home lot and open the buy mode. Click on collections folder, wait for it to...


Mini mods Status maxer

This will enable you to max out your blader (lower it) , fun .... -loky


Mini mods Telescope Abduction Fix

Patches Sims2 made a object hack that allows you to get abducted nearly every single time you look in the telescope. This is great for every...


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Mini mods Hip Hop Radio mod

This is the first of a pack of 6 mini-mods, which warren is making. This mod replaces the music, heard on the radio with real music. This wi...


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Mini mods R & B Radio Mod

The second in the set of music mini mods, this time Warren has sent us R & B :cool:. Enjoy!


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Mini mods The Sims Livin Large Chemistry Set

This adds a chemistry set as an object for The Sims Livin Large.


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Mini mods Shadow Valley Terrain

Check out Foreverjadon's latest creation, a neighbourhood terrain featuring the Shadow Valley. Great job as always Jadon.


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Mini mods Devonshire Terrain

Another terrain by Foreverjadon, this time it adds a nicely themed Devonshire area to your neighborhood. Highly recommended .