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Misc Simulated Oak Desk/Table

A desk/table for The Sims 2 from Mary Elizabeth Chang.


Misc Mysterious Voodoo Bottle

Carrigon brings us an object that lets you manipulate the motives of ANY sim on your lot! Make em Pee, Make em fall asleep, Make em sad, and...


Misc Serious Commercials for SimTV

For your intermission enjoyment, 2 broadcast commercials in the 30 second to 1 minute length. Pepsi - Britney Spears sings and dances in...


Misc Elvis King Creole Video

If anyone would like their Sims to listen to "The King" sing King Creole from the movie. It is black and white. It is less than one minute...


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Misc Drum Kit Fire

Sexy up your house with this cool flamed drumkit! Only for The Sims 2 University.


Misc Fancy Room Divider

A cool room divider!.. Don't even mention it, I don't know what it is either. Sims 2 University ready By Bunta...


Misc Mantel Clock by Buntah!

A cool analog clock that can almost be put anywhere! Sims 2 University ready! By Buntah


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Misc Restaurant Dining Set

Emerald has created a restaurant style dining set for The Sims 2.


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Misc 2007 Blue Sports Car

Emerald has created a 2007 blue sports car for The Sims 2.


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Misc Pink Sports Car

Emerald has created a pink sports car for The Sims 2.


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Misc Bat Black Sports Car

Emerald has created a bat black sports car for Sims 2.


Misc 25 Sims 2 Vehicles

25 Sims 2 vehicles. Vehicles Included Ambulance deliverytruck helicopter Civil exterminator Truck FireTruck Gardener Truck Handyma...


Misc Greybrick Driveway

A greybrick driveway which is created by Emerald. It looks pretty decent and is definately worth to put in your neighbourhood.


Misc Stone Divingbord

Pretty much exactly what the title implies - a stone divingbord. Check the screenshot to see what it looks like.


Misc Darkwood Divingboard

A darkwood divingboard which looks very cool.


Misc Brown-beige Sportscar

This is a beautiful brown-beige sportscar by Emerald.


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Misc Rustic White Wood Dinin Set

Emerald has created a rustic white wood dining set for The Sims 2.


Misc Chocolate Sportscar

A sportscar made of..chocolate by Emerald. Looks pretty sweet and tasty :)


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Misc Beige Stepping Stones

Emerald has created beige stepping stones for The Sims 2.


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Misc Tom's Limo

Your sims love showing off their wealth. Now you can really show it with this limo!


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Misc Kitchen Cow Mat

Emerald has created a cute little cow rug for the Kitchen.


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Misc Brick Stone Counters

Emerald has created some brick stone counters for The Sims 2.


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Misc Pastel Green Kitchen

Emerald has created a pastel green tile set for the kitchen.


Misc Mitsubish Logo Painting

Here is a Painting with the Mitsubishi logo that can be used in the Sims 2


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