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Misc Nissan Skyline

This File Is Undergoing Investigation Due To Rumours Of It Being Stolen :thumbsdown: This is a Nissan Skyline which is a custom ve...


Decorative Halloween Objects

MaxoidMonkey from has created some objects for the Halloween spirit. The pack includes three objects, which are Cat-A-St...


Decorative A Touch of Autumn Cornucopia

MaxoidMonkey brings us an item to celebrate the Fall/Thanksgiving. The item is a very nice cornucopia that can placed around the house for a...


Decorative Movie Postered Brick Walls

A set of 27 movie posters, 3 of them dedicated to Sims2Files. Very nice work ;).


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Decorative Purple Bath Mat

A purple rug for the bathroom room from Emerald.


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Decorative Velvet Green Curtain

A velvet green curtain from Emerald.


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Decorative World Cup 2006 Mat

Emerald has made a door mat based on World Cup 2006.


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Decorative Snoopy

A Sims 2 skin from Emerald that adds snoopy to your walls.


Decorative Oakwood Fence

Emerald has created a really nice looking oakwood fence. Definately worth adding to your collection!


Decorative Anti Ghost Poster

This is a decrative modification for The Sim's 2. It is a poster from 'Ghost Busters' representing an anti ghost atmonsphere. It's a goo...


Decorative Silvery Pink Christmas Trees

Here are some Silvery Pink Christmas trees if you like something a bit different for your lot this christmas!


Decorative Silver and gold Christmas Tree

Here is a silver and a gold Christmas Tree if you want something different this Christmas!


Decorative Sergeant Cuddles

This is such a cute Teddy bear, great for the kids, or the big kid. You can play with it for hours on end. Its pink and white, and cute :P....


Decorative Chanukah Menorah Candles

Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is also a celebration of the miracle of...


Decorative Kwanzaa Kinara Candles

These beautiful Candles will look lovely in a living room or a bedroom. They are clean, unique, and they look lovely when lit. Your sims wi...


Decorative Snowman Construction Set

Well, Its the time of year now. You can set this up in your garden and let your kids build a great snowman, or the adults can do it while en...


Decorative Christmas Tree

Its the time of year now, Its a time of fun and joy, and presents. Set up this great christmas tree, with lights! You just place it,and tur...


Decorative Snowy Christmas Tree

This is what you have been waiting for. The most beautiful Xmas tree there is. Lights, snow, beauty! This will look lovely in any house,...


Electronics Alienware Computer

MaxoidMonkey brings another awesome object. Have you ever wanted an Alienware computer? Well now your wish can come true, just download this...


Electronics TV Theatre Screen

This mega theatre sized TV, is the perfect thing for any partying sim! Have some friends over and watch a movie on the big screen. Or just s...


Electronics Supa Computer! By Buntah

An awesome white computer! similar to the one in-game but not quite... The Sims 2 University ready! By Buntah


Electronics Dell Dimension 9100

This is a custom electronic, a Dell Dimension 9100 computer. When you turn it on, it's not the same old boring screen like with other sims...


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Lighting Blue Lavalamp

This object is a blue lavalamp, you will need Livin' Large for you to use this. The lamp itsself looks alright, nothing fancy really. Do ch...


Lighting Skeleton Wall Lite

Simply a light in the form of a skull which is to be placed on a wall.