Common People



William Shatner sings, well Kinda sings. Backed up with a great band and heedited the game SIMS2 as the Visual story board.



I was Listening to the Star Trek album and found songs Will Shatner had recorded, I liked this one so much I loaded up the sims2 game, turned fraps on, made two characters, A night club and a Grocery store. then played it and at times Fraps caught the acting of the SIMS, after Many hours I stopped playing Because I thought I had enough footage to edit.

Now I started up the Windows Movie Maker (it’s easy as XP has it and I can teach my friends how to use it and answer any questions to them) and 2 hours I had laid the story board to the Audio Music. 30 minutes of encoding and Here it is. I hope you enjoy "Common people" like me.

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