DAK13's Radio Station Mod #3

Adds real sounding radio stations to The Sims 2.


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Adds real sounding radio stations to The Sims 2.

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Download 'dak13sradiostationmod_3.rar' (113MB)

Love and Techno Stations

DAK13's Radio Station Mod#3
GTA3-Vice City Radio Stations

These files have been tested and work with "The Sims 2" Version 1.0

Here is how to add these files to "The Sims 2"

- Files with Digital Rights Management appear to not play (needs to be confirmed)
- Be sure the game is not running when you do these steps.

1 - Goto "My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2music

Once here you will see a variety of folders. Just put the MP3 into a folder.

Hiphop/Metal/pop/rnb/salsa/techno are all stereo channels.
CAS is for the Create a SIm
Buy is when you are in Buy Mode
Build is are in Build Mode

Once the files have been copied, you should be able to go into the game, goto options, then
sound options and be able to see your song titles in the lists. From here you can turn
them on/off.


[email protected]

PS....This is my first ever "Game Mod" for TS2....If you liked it, drop me an email and let me
know if I should keep doing Mods....or just give up....:)

COMING SOON - TV Mods plus look for More Radio Station Mods

I take NO credit for the content of these mp3's....although they were converted and
packaged by me for your listening pleasure.

All files were scanned with Norton Anti-Virus Pro and are free from any harmful viruses

**Always give credit where credit is do!!**

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