Male Spidy Skin



Warren brings us a spiderman skin pack, which includes 3 skins for your male infants, teens and adults.

Nice work :)



This package contains the following:       Warren S

1.MA/    Spidy outfit -Every Day
2.MC/    Spidy outfit -PJs (Supose to be Mt)
3.MI/    Spidy outfit -Every Day (Supose to be Mc)
4.Read Me
5.Screen Shot

-Ws Male Spidy Skins-
Here are some Spidy skin I quickly threw together, I know This is in't the best I just wanted Spidy in my Sim & figured somon elese might too. Feel free to update this skin or any other things I have are am going to come out with, L8t3r!

P.S. I'm not sure if I made the infiant's cloths male or female. I'm sure it was male though :\

Place the .Package file in your "C:/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads" For alot of Sims1 people this dir might seem odd, but it's right. If you try & put it in "C:/Program Files/The Sims 2/Downloads." it wont work. I've made this mistake so I know.

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