Movie Postered Brick Walls

A set of 27 movie posters, 3 of them dedicated to Sims2Files.

Very nice work ;).


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File Description

A set of 27 movie posters, 3 of them dedicated to Sims2Files.

Very nice work ;).

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Download '' (7.55MB)

This package contains the following:                   
1. 27 Movie Posters 
2. 2 Sim Theater Signs (2 of the 27)
3. 3 Signs (3 of the 27)
4. Screen shot
5. Readme

Note: I've added the wall text.'s to the zip as well, so you can manually install them with HomeCrafter if nessary.

-Movie Posters-
Get your Sims off their rich lazy's ok they'll be sitting back down soon enough, lol. Go to you community lot and make a movie theater for your sims. Then throw some movie posters on the walls to really set the mood. Enjoy!  

-The Over Do-
It's ok listen...throw a couple tv's on the wall & put some chairs down wha-la, little dim light you got a theater. To fully use these posters indoors make a diagonial 4 sided post like this


using the wall tool (Center connected), then just slap the posters on each side or have posters on some sides & plain brick on the other. After that's done; set down, cut the tv &quot;projector screen&quot; on, & relax.

|Harry Potter|Starwars|Neo|Gone With The Wind|Pokemon Movie 3|
Dragon Fist(not a movie name)|Scooby Doo|Scar Face|Dragon Eye's(not a movie name)|Trinty|Dragon Rage(not a movie name)|
Dragon Fist/Roar(not a movie name|Spider-Man|Two Warren made movie sign's| Episode I | Hulk | Trinty | Naiobi |Titanic|Jaws|Last Ark|Edward Scissors Hands|Enter The Dragon|3 Simsfiles Theater Signs|  

I have used sims Pakage installer, so I think you just have to double-click the file to install it.

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