Polar Bear - Pet

This is a very special pet for your Sims 2 game. This is a polar bear.

Species: Dog Size: Large Breed: Polar Bear Fur Type: Flowing...


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This is a very special pet for your Sims 2 game. This is a polar bear.

Species: Dog Size: Large Breed: Polar Bear Fur Type: Flowing Description:

Very cute Polar Bear, will look great on Christmas screens. Made by Luckyrats1 at TheSims2.ea.com

As you can see, the species has been dedicated as a dog. This is because there is only meant to be cats and dogs for this game, but in this case, this great guy has created a very accurate polar bear. It walks like a dog in game, but at the same time, it's fat and chubby, and I think you will agree that it's face looks like a polar bears face exactly. It doesn't look like a dog at all.

This is a great item for the item database, and I hope that we can get some more pets added soon because with the new expansion coming out, I feel that people will want to see more items like this. I hope that some of the users here can upload some of their pets, as I would love to see them, just add the file from the main homepage, because I will upload every single one that I recieve from you great people.

From ea.com this object was rated as a 5/5. This is totally worth that.

This download requires The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack to be installed on your computer, so please make sure that you have that game before you download because it will be pointless.

I have added 5 screenshots to this download, I will also be featuring it as the item of the week next week, unless one of you users can bring me something better.

So come on fellow sim maniacs, I want to see what you can really create, in game, in the body shop, or designing yourself. Send me some sims, and some pets!! cmon, with your help we can make this site bigger and better.

I will be getting some more items myself, I hope that you can all help me out though, I would really appreciate it. Be sure to check out all the screenshots that I have included with this download. There is a total of 5, 1 of the face, another of the body with a clear background, and the last 3 in the pet creation screen where you can see the polar bear in different poses and positions to see how accurate it really is. Great item man, keep them coming.

Reviewed by Xtr3me.

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Download 'polar_bear.rar' (12KB)


1. Download the file.
2. Download WinRAR if you do not have it, to extract the file.
3. Drag the file to your desktop.
4. Copy and paste it into your Sims 2 Downloads folder. (My Documents/EA GAMES/The Sims 2/Downloads
5. Play and buy them.


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