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The second in the set of music mini mods, this time Warren has sent us R & B :cool:.



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The second in the set of music mini mods, this time Warren has sent us R & B :cool:.


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Download 'real_rb.zip' (9.31MB)

!Package May Contain Strong Language!  ---------------
                                      |R&B-Mod: 2-6   | 
                                      |Warren008      |
!VERY IMPORTIANT!                      ---------------
This file is a music mini-mod. It will overwrite the Sims home &
Downtown stations. So were gonna save the original>open this dir:

C:/Program Files/EA Games/The Sims 2/TSData/Res/Sound

In the Sound folder copy the file that has the same name of the 
pack your wanting to install. Now paste it somewhere on your pc.
This is because you might want the original music back . Also,
renaming & or messing with the contents of the mini-mod isn't 
tested nor recommended.

This is just one of several music mini-mods. So if you wanna hear somthing post it under the object, I wont promise it'll be in a 
future mod but, you never know.

*Real R&B*

*R&B Replacement Pack*

[Music Tracks]
>With You.......Jessica Simpson
>Too Close......Next 
>Home Alone.... R. Kelly 

Note: Due to file size issues, the 2 sets will be made of 6 
single downloadable stations. I will fill the stations with as 
much music as they can hold without reaching my e-mail limit.


Place the music pack in the following dir. & press yes when 
it ask if you want to overwrite 'ONLY' if you've read the
!Very Importiant! I've place right at the top:

C:/Program Files/EA Games/The Sims 2/TSData/Res/Sound/ 

Known Issues: Will ocassionally skip a song, but the song will 
still play.

Special Thanks to Simsfiles 2, The person/s who produced the SimPe 
program which allowed me to change the music files, & of course 
Maxis for without them we'd be Simless.

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