Snowy Ground Textures Pack

This pack includes 6 differant snow textures.

Great for your winter themed lots :).


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File Description

This pack includes 6 differant snow textures.

Great for your winter themed lots :).

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\This Pack Contains/                

1. Bright Snow
2. Dark Snow
3. Daffodil Snow
4. Grass Snow
5. Peed on Snow (it's ok you can laugh :)
6. Red Snow
7. Post Pic
8. Read Me

Note: I've added the wall text.'s to the zip as well, so you can manually install them with HomeCrafter if nessary.

USER TIP: If any of the textures in the snow are to bold for you, dont panic. Try doing this: Lay down the text. you want with the big paint brush. Then take the medium ground brush and >tap< the Bright Snow in the same spot a couple/4 times & repeat various other places untill you reach the desired effect. hope you like it. 

-Snow Pack-
Nothing special. Just loaded a pic of real snow of the net to PSP7. Then after I made me a canvis, I just coped it severl times & added various stuff. Enjoy! 

-The Over Do-
Hey peeps. I'm from Nortrn. KY & it wont stop snowing here. So I figured I'd shove some off on you. Ok..Yes theirs peed on & red snow :\ When you put the peed on snow down you'll notice that your sims have pretty good aim, lol. Also as you know or should, I dont descriminate & try to stay as open minded as possable. I have a few goth friends, & yes theirs red snow. Now I said it's red snow. So if to you that means a cherry flavored slush puppi, Dig in!

I have used sims Pakage installer, so I think you just have to double-click the file to install it.

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