Strong America Bogon

A bogon dedicated in the memory of those we lost at the twin towers.


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A bogon dedicated in the memory of those we lost at the twin towers.

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This pack cotains:

1. Strong America Bogon
2. Screen Shot
3. Very Long Read Me(so my intenions are clear :)

-Strong America Bogon-
What started out as a simple NYC bogon turned into somthing more. When I went to put the simple NYC in the front of the hat I found that it mirrors any image you place on it. This means that if I were to put the NYC on the front it would come out looking like giberish back to back "ahh!" I decided to put the NYC on the side but now I needed somthing to draw attenion from the mirrored backward NYC symbol on the other side "sigh". I knew whatever I put in the front would be mirrored too, so the only NYC object I could think to use was the twin towers. I then relized some people might look at the bogon the wrong way, so I turned it into a memorial bogon so my intenions for making it are clear. 

Place the .Package file in your "C:/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads" For alot of Sims1 people this dir might seem odd, but it's right. If you try & put it in "C:/Program Files/The Sims 2/Downloads." it wont work. I've made this mistake so I know.

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