The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff Pack CD Patch

Save the file to disk and then run it to install the patch. Please make sure you have your game CD's available during patch installation....


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File Description

Save the file to disk and then run it to install the patch. Please make sure you have your game CD's available during patch installation.

This patch is compatible for all languages.

Complete list of changes:

* Family Fun Stuff clothing assets will no longer disappear after creating a Sim with them in Create-a-Sim. * Fixed object error that occurred when both the helicopter and nanny car arrived on family lot at the same time. * Families can no longer be combined when two separate families travel to the same community lot. * NPCs now immediately sit down after accepting an “Offer Free Makeover”. * Successful makeover for controllable customers now fixes previous failed makeovers. * Successful makeovers for controllable customers now brings up the “Change Appearance” UI. * Broken Muchiebot no longer have dirty dishes stuck on their arms. * Ug-No-More Makeover Station can now be deleted properly while Sims are performing the “Be Stylist” interaction. * Sims can now Offer Free Makeover to members of their family after starting a business. * Offering a “Free Makeover” no longer causes Sims’ buy bar to empty. * “Be Stylist” interaction will no longer drop out of queue if user performs social interactions while being the stylist. * NPC Vampires will now return home correctly when visiting an Electrono ticket machine lot. * Rooms built on half of the stage will now appear correctly. * Sims will no longer get stuck in the car when the user saves during the “Get In” interaction. * Cleanbots can now clean up baby bottles. * Selecting different aspiration using the ReNuYouSenso Orb now displays correctly. * Tombstones will no longer multiply themselves when saved on a shelf. * Employees working as Baristas now bring in Simoleons. * Making a single plate of hamburgers during breakfast hours will not give out incorrect text notifications. * Car stereos now turn on and off correctly after changing the stations repeatedly. * “Offer Makeover To…” interaction now leads customers to browse the Salon Chair. * Employees will now quit a job correctly when quitting from a community lot. * Sims can now make drinks from the bar on a home business. * Familes are now able to go to work when owning multiple cars. * Teens will no longer have the same Small Business Career Work schedule and School schedule. * Babies are no longer in the Downtownies pool for invited outings. * Family Members will no longer glow green when using “Look for mark” perk. * Puddles can now be mopped up with all wall items above them. * One of the two Adult Sims will now be able to go to work if a Toddler is left at home without a babysitter. * The oven portion of the restaurant stove cannot be used after food on it has caught fire. * Unfinished paintings on an Owned Community Lot can now be finished if a Sim leaves the lot and returns. * Runaway teens will continue to remain on the controllable Sims skewer on the left-hand side of the screen * Munchie Bots will no longer bring back invisible, non-interactable food when playing with multiple Munchie Bots. * The Sim will now animate when using the ReNuYu Porta-Chug. * Pool of Dateable Sims will no longer include special non-playable NPC characters. * When being inducted into a Secret Society, the Sim will be taken to the Secret Society’s lot, not returned home. * Hourly Wage for Sims formerly employed by user-controlled Sims is now consistent. * Deeds that are placed on a Display Shelf and set “For Sale” will now display the proper price. * Unintialized Servos will no longer cause rendering problems with Intel video cards. * Teens will no longer leave a Business lot with unpaid goods at the time of curfew. * Female Formal Dress now displays correctly in “Set Uniform” UI. * Thumbnail corruption for the Mission Seating line has been fixed for affected video cards. * Sims on a date on a community lot will no longer browse the Electrono Ticket Machine for the entire date. * Single serving desserts no longer disappear from owner’s inventory upon restock. * Sims will no longer vanish when traveling to non-owned community lots. * Users are no longer locked out of live mode when visiting non-owned and owned community lots. * Nanny track schedule will now coincide with Sims’ work schedule. * User will no longer acquire Secret Society Funds when traveling to Secret Society Lot. * Moveobject cheat can now be used to manipulate and place objects in out of bounds tiles. * Re-entering custom college neighborhoods will no longer cause unmodified and/or occupied lots to disappear. * All hanging objects will now display properly over stages. * Sim owned vehicles will no longer prevent fire trucks from leaving on a 3x3 Community lot. * Bag of Poo will no longer break after installing The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff.

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