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The Sims 2 Sims 2 Castaway Screenshots

A couple of Sims 2 Castaway screenshots below.


The Sims 2 Seasons movie at Edenstyle

Italian fansite Edenstyle, who visited Maxis to see the Seasons pack, has posted a second movie to their article. This one is titled "Let's go outside!". Find it here: Edenstyle new movie


The Sims 2 Box found for the 5th Expansion!

The game box for the upcoming fifith expansion pack for the Sims has been found! This is also the first time the official name has been revealed and suprisingly, it's just simple "Seasons". Check out the picture provided by EA Wh...


The Sims 2 More New Pets Screenshots

There's a bunch of new screenshots below which show off The Sims 2 Pets. Check them out.


The Sims 2 Open For Business Easter Screenshots

Electronic Arts released a couple of easter screenshots to get us in the mood for easter. Check them out below.


The Sims 2 New Open for Business Screenshots

Check out the eye candy below. Not too long now til release!


The Sims 2 More Open for Business Screenshots

Now your Sims can create their own businesses. They can design their own clothing boutique, beauty salon, florist, high-end electronics shop, bustling restaurant chain, or virtually any other type of business. Hire your staff as the business grows and put talented Sims to work making toys, running t...


The Sims 2 2 New Open for Business Screenshots

Electronic Arts has released a couple more Open for Business screenshots. Check them out below!


The Sims 2 The Sims 2 Open For Business Screenshots

Electronic Arts has released a couple more Open for Business screenshots. Check them out below!


The Sims 2 Open for Business Screenshots

Below are several screenshots of the upcoming people sim sequel expansion titled Open for Business.


The Sims 2 Mid-Winter Traditional Simlish Song

As part of the Great Holiday Giveaway, the Maxis Team performed a Mid-Winter traditional Simlish song just for the community. You will take this song and listen to it. Sing along! Mid-Winter Traditional Simlish Song


The Sims 2 Sims 2 Open For Business Box Art?

Electronic Arts Spain has sent out an image which is rumoured to be the box art for Open for Business. The image is attached below, it looks quite slick.


The Sims 2 Download The Sims 2 Podcast

Listen to Tim LeTourneau talk about Nightlife in our premiere Sims 2 Podcast. Download the audio.


The Sims 2 Tal meets girl. Tal dates girl Video

What you'll see here is Tal heading out to the local goth club located downtown for a date with one Bella Goth. While the date goes fairly well in general, there's no helping it when Tal, now a pleasure seeker, can't help but play a prank or two. Too bad he doesn't know not to do that when out on a...


The Sims 2 Send a Nightlife E-card!

Head over to to pick out an E-card to your liking. You have the ability to choose different characters, greetings or audio. This gives you the ability to create many different cards suiting perfectly to each persons liking. There's really a little bit for everyone. F...


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