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The Sims 2 Official The Sims Merchandise Now Available!

You can now buy The Sims merchandise from the EA Store! Choose from t-shirts, mugs, or hats at somewhat reasonable prices by following the link below: EA Store - The Sims 2 Merchandise Personally, I won't be buying anything at the moment, but if you want to show your support and/or love for The Sims, this is the merchandise for you


The Sims 2 Seasons Designer Walkthrough Video

Do you have the latest expansion pack - The Seasons? Then why not check out the latest designer walkthrough video for some amazing footage on all those uber designing skills? You can watch the video here or download it here. Don't forget to tell us what you think, or even submit some new creations highlighted in the design video.


The Sims 2 Sims stories bring a laptop spotlight.

A completely new line of games has been announced by Electronic Arts Inc which will be named suprisingly, The Sims Stories. Made to be laptop friendly, The Sims Stories will definately be a fun forfilling experience for all ages. The Sims Life Stories, introduces an all-new Story Mode with two stories that follow the lives of Riley Harlow and Vincent Moor...


The Sims 2 New Season Screenshots

Feeling cold? Yeh, me too but it's not suprising since it is dear old winter afterall. However, are you looking forward to the Sims 2 Seasons? Yeh me too and why wait when you can take a look at some of the brand spanking new high quality screenshots that are of a winter theme here


The Sims 2 MaxoidSam Blog Update

MaxoidSam has updated his blog. In his latest post, he has answered some questions from BBS users about the new race car objects on the official site. We're back from our holiday and back to finishing the Seasons Expansion Pack. Lots to do! There were some questions that arose on the BBS about the new race car objects and I posted a reply to the thread...


The Sims 2 Special Sims Holiday Card

To give a real christmas spirit and greeting to you Sims players, EA have released a special Sims Holiday Card that you can listen to and enjoy. You can listen to it here Merry christmas everyone!


The Sims 2 Sims Music Survey

A survey has been released for you to express what you think about the Sims Music. The input you give is important however the survey is only short so don't worry! You can take the survey here or you can skip the survey and tell us at Sims2Files what you think by using the comment option now!


The Sims 2 MaxoidMoonBelly blog update!

MaxoidMoonBelly has updated her fantastic blog once again with a dish of plenty, intresting and exciting information to read about. She goes on to talk about the wonderful outfits she has avaliable for you to download which includes a Fall one and a more Festive Holiday one. She then goes on to talk about her overwhelming excitement on the Sims coming out on...


The Sims 2 The Sims on Wii

Some exciting yet suprising news has been officially released! It has been announced lately, that a brand spanking new game was announced amongst the raw fish in the over-populated, Tokyo, Japan - home of the famous sushi, yum yum :). It has been noted that the new game is being exclusively developed for the newly released Nintendo Wii which is in constant b...