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Published by Nateanite 19 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here are answers to some questions asked by visitors, about Makin' Magic and other The Sims products. [quote]Straight from the Maxis Thread Of The Day from the BBS, we have answered your questions about Makin' Magic. This is Part 1 of your questions and we will be presenting Part 2 next week. [b]thesiddog: Are there any magic spells regarding pets? If I have Unleashed can I do magic on my dog to punish it for pooping on the floor or anything like that?[/b] If you have Unleashed, there is a secret spell for you, yes. Imagine "Spot" as a human… [b]lilpossy: In Makin' Magic will kids be able to do more then they do now? Will they be able to use potions and cast spells ?[/b] We've added more things for kids to do than ever before. Kids have their own magic making objects, and half a dozen unique spells. They can also travel to Magic Town, ride the rides, and play with their new pet dragon. [b]funnykid: Why was dark navy blue as Makin' Magic's colour?[/b] We wanted to pick a color that looked magical in a Sims way. We started by designing a bunch of different box ideas. We then showed 1,800 Sims players the different boxes using blue, black and other colors. Blue was the winner! And the color is actually midnight blue, with tones of electric blue in a magical spiral laid on top of it. =) [b]funnykid: Will players who already have The Sims receive a rebate or some sort if they do decide to also purchase Double Deluxe?[/b] We're not offering any rebate on Double Deluxe. If you already have The Sims, but not the Livin' Large and House Party expansion packs, then it's a better deal for you to buy Double Deluxe instead of buying each of those expansion packs separately. If you already have The Sims and either Livin' Large or House Party, then buying the individual expansion pack you don't have is a better deal. The new bonus content that will come with Double Deluxe (Asian and African Design design themes as well as cool downloadable Sims items made by Maxis over the years) will be made available in batches via download beginning sometime in September. They will become available in three waves and all will be available by the middle of October. [b]funnykid: Will we be to also download the extra content from Sims Deluxe Edition as well as the extra content from Double Deluxe? (Thanks, btw, for letting us download them).[/b] We currently have no plans to re-release the Deluxe Edition extra content on the web. Unfortunately, it was never designed to be distributed in that manner. [b]chatangel1: After reading the announcement of the Sims Double Deluxe, I, too, would like to know that with those proferred downloads will the Sims Creator be included (for those of us "dumb" enough to buy each package separately)?[/b] You weren't "dumb" to buy the packages separately! Double Deluxe is a really good way for someone who hasn't played The Sims much before to join the fun now. But if you've been playing for a long time, you've been enjoying the game that long as well. And probably some of the later expansion packs make more sense for you. At this time, the only bonus content that won't be available for download is The Sims Creator, unless you already have Deluxe Edition. [see above] [b]chatangel1: The only other question I have is what the system requirements will be for Makin' Magic - especially important for those of us who do have ALL expansion packs (and plan on adding MM).[/b] Here are the minimum system requirement for Makin' Magic, even if you have the other expansion packs. Windows® XP, Windows 98, or Windows 2000 (Windows NT is not supported) The Sims™ or The Sims™ Deluxe Edition for Windows installed 450 MHz Intel® Pentium® II processor 128 MB RAM 4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive 1.3 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games High Color (800x600 resolution) capable 4 MB video card with DirectX™ 7.0 compatible driver DirectX™ 7.0 compatible sound card Keyboard, mouse
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