Sims Online Community Spotlight: Calvin's Creek Federation Space

By SimsDetective 20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Founded by Jean Luc Picard, Federation Space is one of the fastest growing communities in Calvin's Creek. Sims can join Starfleet Academy and build their logic, board Voyager and work out with the crew, and even tour the shops of Deep Space Nine. Weekly trivia contests are held aboard the Enterprise, with chances to win thousands of Simeloneans. You can even relax on the pleasure planet of Risa. Federation Space has a little bit of everything, even if you are not a Star Trek fan. The archetecture of Federation Space is just as impressive as its services. From above, almost every lot looks like a ship, station, or planet right out of Star Trek. Sims of all shapes and sizes inhabit Federation Space. You can meet many of the crew from Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation, as well as alien species such as the Borg, and some completely new species. While the community is not an original concept, it still gets two thumbs up for creativity. -Sims Detective Do you want your community featured on SimsFiles.com? Please post on our message boards your community name, the community's founder, and what city the community is located in. One of our staff members will be happy to visit the community and post a review.

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