The Gamers Temple does article on Makin' Magic.

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[URL="http://www.gamerstemple.com/news/0703/070350.asp"]The Gamers Temple[/URL] has written a small article on The Sims Makin' Magic. Here is a small sample. [quote]Players can renovate the kitchens of their Sims with an all-new Mediterranean kitchen set featuring a new refrigerator, sink, stove, dishwasher, and brand new tea set. To add the perfect touch, players can enjoy baking breads, pies, and cakes in the new, luxurious baker's oven. A home for the Sims would not be complete without the ability to grow vine plots and harvest grapes and berries to make and serve nectar. [/quote] You can read the full article [URL="http://www.gamerstemple.com/news/0703/070350.asp"]here[/URL].

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