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Wallpaper Wallpaper Pack

I bring you a wall paper pack. In includes some funny stuff all of it is appropriate for little children :). It has Bruce lee, Jango Fett :)...


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Wallpaper Gassy Wallpaper

Wow a very good idea that StanSmith brings us. Its a gas wallpaper for those with high gas prices in their state. I dont have a screenshot f...


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Wallpaper Wall Paper Pack!

Wow now I must say Good Job Stan. It comes with 4 wallpapers such as Metal Gear Solid 2, Zero, Green Day, Arizona. Its nice to see someone s...


Wallpaper Smiley Face Wallpaper

Shades of yellow and without doubt, a theme of happiness. *Review* Eek!!! SMILEYS! THEY ARE INVADING AGAIN! Silver brings us a wallpap...


Wallpaper Hello Kitty Wallpaper

A simple and cute Hello Kitty wallpaper to brighten up your rooms.


Wallpaper The Nothing Walls and Floors

A really cool collection of Wallpaper and floors, with some cool images from things like Grand Theft Auto 3, the m&m's, Ganja leaves and ot...


Wallpaper Cloud 9 wallpaper

Get the airy feeling inside your home with this cloud 9 wallpaper.


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Wallpaper "Electric Shiver"

As the author said, this is just a quick wall he made. So enjoy!


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Wallpaper Beige Panel

This wall paneling incorporates nature into its design while maintaining a modern, classy feel. Enjoy!


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Wallpaper Coca Cola Wallpaper

Vibrant, red wallpaper with a Coca Cola theme. Part of Sugah Sims Interiors Coca Cola series.


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Wallpaper Sienna Sky

This is like no ordinary bathroom tile. A lustrous finish brings out the jewel-tone flashes of this designer wall. Elegance defined. Ligh...


Fireplaces Carved Stone Fireplace

Each brick lovingly hand-carved and placed, this fireplace radiates a warmth that will heat the coldest room and the coldest heart. Cost's...


Floors Wood Floor

Here is a general hard wood floor but has some visual detail to it so enjoy. Extract the file to \Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Floor...


Floors Party Tiles

These are some floor tiles made by Mr Sim Guy. A good download for all you "Need variety in floors" people :p.


Floors Floor Pack

This has 3 floors in it a Ferrari, Spiderman, and yummy Pie.


Floors Smiley Carpet

A bright and bubbly smiley face carpet. *Review* No Not more!! This is really the way to torture someone just put a bunch of these smi...


Floors Bedroom Floor

Simple texture which gives you a nice and slick new bedroom floor.


Floors Bathroom Floor

Simple texture to use on the bathroom floor.


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Floors Coca Cola Tile

Coca Cola decor for your Sims home. This vibrant decorator tile is easy to care for and scuff resistant. Matches Sugah Sim's Coca Cola wall...


Windows Smashed Window

Naysmith brings us a window to make your windows look like someone just hit it with a baseball. This remake of the window is a very simple y...


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Other Web Chair

Just a simple web Chair with all the nifty gadgets!


No Screenshot
Other French Column

This is a French Column for the Game.


Other Antigrav Support

Forget unsightly columns, hold your second story up with these Antigrav pods! Cost: §1000


Other Chainlink Column

Industrial chain link recycled into a sturdy, eyecatching support. Alternately, maybe it is holding the ground up? Added on 10/09/2001 C...


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