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Decorative Kittens

A Photoframe of some kittens to hang around your Sims hideout :)


Decorative Husky

Pictures of huskys to use in The Sims.


Decorative Britney Spears

A picture of Britney Spears to hang on your already lovely walls :)


Decorative Carson Palmer

A picture of Carson Palmer.


Decorative Garth Brooks

A Picture and frame of Garth Brooks.


Decorative Outkast

A Picture of Outkast to use in The Sims!


Decorative Snowy

Your sims not seeing snow this winter? Cheer them up with this snow scene picture object! :D


Decorative Yellow Tang

A Picture of a Yellow Tank (i beleve a fish) to hang on the walls. Works well in the bathroom ;)


No Screenshot
Decorative Master Chief with Fuel-Rod Cannon

A splendid pic of Halo's Master Chief wielding a Fuel-Rod Cannon.


No Screenshot
Decorative Mario "Power Up" Painting

An encouraging picture of Mario, the star of Nintendo from campincarl.


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Decorative Coca Cola 1 Art

The latest trend in home decore is Coca Cola art. This is the first in a series of both new and vintage Coca Cola decor. Brought to you by S...