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Houses Poyojer's Palace

This is the Poyojer's Palace where all the Poyojer's sleep, eat, fight etc. (I have no idea what a Poyojer is, but that\...


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Houses Last Castle

MeltdownHell Brings us a GIANT Castle. It has a giant pool, which is always a plus, it has many rooms that are almost empty which is very go...


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Houses Big House

This is a... well.. big house! it costs $52.00.


Houses Let Ji's Former House

This is Let Ji's former house for use in The Sims.


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Houses Strange House

Just like the title implys, this is a strangely, but nonetheless, nicely done house. It has 2 levels and has an orange siding and is elevate...


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Houses Twin Bachelor Pad

A very, very nicely put together house. Very creative, very original. It has 2 levels to it and has walkways connecting the two house togeth...


Houses Winston Lot

Here we have The Winston Lot. Its a very big grand house which is fully furnished & decorated. Your best looking at the screenshots. Enj...


Houses Little Italy

Here we have a smallish 1 floor italy themed house. Take a look at the screenshots


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Houses US Mansion

This home includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a home cinema, and features separate indoor and outdoor pools as well as 3 hot tubs. Comes mode...