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Objects Med Cloning Lab

This adds the Medical bed with body, Mortuary gurney, Gurney with body, Lab fridge, Cloning vat.


Objects Kung-Fu Mirrors

I've started making these objects cause I got sick and tired of download objects that where supposedly suppose to to make your sims do kara...


Objects Black Pool Ladder

This is a very cool pool ladder. Download it and give it a try! :)


Objects Modern Bookshelf

Here we are, the new, better bookshelf :D Changed the overall look and made the back wall of the shelf look like a mirror/marble. Sorry abo...


Objects Double Handed Swords

This package contains double-handed sword skins & animation mirrors. The red & blue mirror was supposed to work together but i'm not satisf...


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Objects Moneywell Lightning Bolt Computer

This computer from Millipedeman is a recolor of the Maxis Moneywell computer. It has lightning fast internet, and state of the art equipment...


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Objects Sims Objects Completed

This is Part 1 of the Cheap As Chips Range that the author is making.


Surfaces Custom Kitchen counter

The story behind this object is a friend of mine wanted this counter but with a top shelf added. I asked if the color was an issue and was t...


Decorative Kittens

A Photoframe of some kittens to hang around your Sims hideout :)


Decorative Husky

Pictures of huskys to use in The Sims.


Decorative Britney Spears

A picture of Britney Spears to hang on your already lovely walls :)


Decorative Carson Palmer

A picture of Carson Palmer.


Decorative Garth Brooks

A Picture and frame of Garth Brooks.


Decorative Outkast

A Picture of Outkast to use in The Sims!


Decorative Snowy

Your sims not seeing snow this winter? Cheer them up with this snow scene picture object! :D


Decorative Yellow Tang

A Picture of a Yellow Tank (i beleve a fish) to hang on the walls. Works well in the bathroom ;)


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Decorative Master Chief with Fuel-Rod Cannon

A splendid pic of Halo's Master Chief wielding a Fuel-Rod Cannon.


No Screenshot
Decorative Mario "Power Up" Painting

An encouraging picture of Mario, the star of Nintendo from campincarl.


No Screenshot
Decorative Coca Cola 1 Art

The latest trend in home decore is Coca Cola art. This is the first in a series of both new and vintage Coca Cola decor. Brought to you by S...


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Object Packs Egyptian Object Pack

This is a Egyptian style object pack with Egyptian style walls and things of the such. Nicely done.


Object Packs Blood Bathroom Set

This is a spectacular set of objects folks... This set contains a blood toilet, sink, dresser, computer, bed, desk, and shower. Now befor...