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Other Globe

A globe on a pedestal Price 275 Room 4 Extract files to \Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Downloads


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Other Bird Bath

Pretty up your back yard with a stone bird bath, and attract some local birds. Cost: §600 Room: Outside Silver brings us a Bird Bath....


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Other Celtic Stone Flooring

A stone floorpiece carved with an intricate celtic pattern. Cost: §500 Room: Outside Function: Decorative


Other Celtic Stone Planter

A planter box carved from stone with Celtic patterns. Weeping emerald plant courtesy the A Little Greener nursery. Cost: §200 Room: Outs...


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Other Celtic Stone Window

Featuring a Celtic pattern carved into the stone, this window will always be happy to admit a cool breeze. Cost: §70 Room: Outside Fun...


Other Alien Head on a Pole

Make your feelings towards visitors known with no room for error.


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Other Bobcat

This is a picture of a bobcat to hang on your wall ;)


Other Justin Timberlake Picture

A picture of Justin Timberlake that you can use in The Sims.


Other Panther

This is a picture of a panther to use in The Sims


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Other Jessica Simpson

This is a pic of Jessica Simpson.


Other Beagle

This is a photograph of a beagle dog to hang arround the home in The Sims.


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Other Full Times Square

A picture of Times Square.


Other Brady

A picture that you can use in The Sims


Other Route66

A route66 sign for use in The Sims.... you could hang it outside and confuse motorists... or maybe not :p


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Other Palm Tree

This is a few pictures of Palm Trees to use in your homes on The Sims.


Other 50Cent

A Framed photo of the rapper 50cent.


Other Ty Law

This is a picture of Ty Law for the sims


Other White Tiger

This is a picture of a white tiger for the sims.


Other Weeping Willow

This is a picture of a weeping willow for the sims.


Other Bettis, Bunnies & Cichlid

These are pictures of Bettis, Bunnies & Cichlid that you can put into The Sims. :)


Other Modern Bookself

Naysmith brings us a modern bookshelf. Now when he says modern he doesn't mean modern style. He means the stuff inside of it: He put an ala...


Other Kung Fu Mirrors

After many many e-mails I am finally uploading this object. All it is, is an update to his previous mirrors. He recolored all of them so the...


Other MaschineGewehr 42

Naysmith made an awesome decoration called the Maschinengewehr 42. The gun was used in world war II by the Germans. The object cannot be use...


Other Giant Scissors - "The Run with scissors"

This is a special Pair of scissors for your sims to play with and run around the house like lunatics with. When you activate a sim to use t...