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Star Wars StormTrooper

Someone brought us a Storm Trooper Model. Personally I like this skin. The texture is nice and smooth. I can see one problem though, The fac...


Star Wars SandTrooper

Here is a Sandtrooper for all the Star Wars fans.


Star Wars Darth Vader

Darth vader from star wars now in the sims :D


Star Wars Bobafett

DarkJered brings us his Sim version of BobaFett. BobaFett was originated from Star Wars. There are some bad textures that were used which ma...


Star Wars Qui-gon Jinn Model from Star Wars Episode 1.

This is a neat looking qui gon jinn model from star wars episode 1. You will enjoy playing with this model by Dark Jared.


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Star Wars Jedi Luke Star Wars Skin

A cool looking Luke skin to add to your happy family life.


Star Wars Chewbacca Star Wars skin

DarkJared brings us yet another Star Wars skin, but this time is CHEWY! The best friend of Han Solo. He can be your best friend to now thank...


Star Wars Han Solo Star Wars Model

A nice looking han solo skin given to us by Dark Jared.


Star Wars Saber Animation Mirrors & Skins

You'll need to use the double-bladed saber in a room with very dark walls and floors(preferable my SW wall & floor included). The reason wh...