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The biggest collection of mods, houses, skins, tools and utilities for the original entry in the hugely popular life simulator, The Sims!

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The Sims Added more downloads

I see you are enjoying all these downloads, so I decided to add some more. I am currently in the process of uploading around 6 pets, and a new lot for the christmas theme, called the Christmas Cottage. This means that you will be able to download a lot more items for your simnation needs. If y...


The Sims A bunch of Christmas Trees

Well, I have uploaded some more christmas trees now. Below are links to all of them, Enjoy. I love that snowy one!;73341 ---- Snowy Christmas Tree;73340 ---- Silver and Go...


The Sims PotD information

Please send in some PotD! Please nothing inappropriate! We have had 2 PotDs sent in so far, but none of them would make it on! The first one had nothing to do with Sims and the second one was just inappropriate. Please send more PotDs in WHILE following the rules. sincerely, FaLcOn93


The Sims Site Admin Change

Hello everyone, This is my last news item in my function as Sims2Files Site Administrator. Because of missing time and the take-over of a totally new FilesNetwork site (watch the announcements ;)) I hereby give the site over to Yjkader. Since I started here he was and is very well known for good...


The Sims New Poll and Last Weeks Results

Here are last weeks poll Results: How often do you play the sims? -Everyday: 51 -Every Week: 16 -Once a Month: 3 -Never: 7 Thanks for voting everyone and a new Poll is now up.


The Sims New Administration

That's right, you have some new admins here at Sims2Files, and they are, FileTrekker (filetrekker(at) and myself (nateanite(at) We're going to get the site back up and running again to prepare for the release of The Sims 2, and are resulting relaunch, more news so...


The Sims POTD Needed!

Hello again! If you have any decent pictures with captions you've come up with then please send them into our POTD datebase so we can add them if they are decent of course. We've currently got none so it would be excallent if anyone could send some in to keep things going there. Again we really do n...


The Sims Updates Coming And Staff Wanted!

Hello Everyone! My name is Jamie and I am a filesnetwork admin. I've seen that this site is really poorly updated and quite a bad resource for the Sims and Sims 2 so I and a few others are going to be helping out at this site with the webmasters as well. Hopefully we can then begin to make this site...


The Sims Hip Hip Hurrah....Im Back!

Hey people, I'm back! Let's all give Nateanite a big hug for taking over for me while I had some stuff to deal with. :D Thanks Nate. Anyway, now I'm back. ;) -Snozzle


The Sims Temporary take over

Hey, Snozzlefeet is gone for a couple days, so he asked me(FallenJedi) to take over for him until he comes back, so if the site crashes utterly, its because of me. -FallenJedi-


The Sims Site Updates

As you all may know, over the past few weeks there have been many problems with FilesNetwork. All the sites being down, etc. Because of these problems, there has been a backlog of files in the webmail. During the next week, and after, the site will be updated with the files and information that was...


The Sims New staff member a comin'

Hey hey hey! My name is FallenJedi, andI'm the newest staff member to simsfiles,sims2files and and I'm ready to post some files to this site. I'm a file and news poster and I'm ready to work! Got any questions, email me at [email protected] or IM me on AIM at Ninja Spectre13!


The Sims Goodbye

Goodbye everyone. After months of admining SimsFiles, I've decided it's time to move on. It's been great, and I'll never forget the fun times I've had here. This was the first site I ever admined, and that makes it special to me, *sniff*. Anyways, Snozzlefeet, the greatest Vice-Administrator in...


The Sims New Vice-Admin / Temporary Admin

Hello, I am Snozzlefeet. I am the new Vice-Admin on SimsFiles. I'm hoping to have a good time with you guys! :D Also, I am temporarily taking Nateanite's position as Site-Admin until he gets back. So get used to me. :p -Snozzle-


The Sims Leaving for awhile.

Hey, everyone, I'm leaving SimsFiles for a little while, a week or two at most. So, while I'm gone, Snozzlefeet is in charge. So, if any of you e-mail me and don't get a response, I'm not ignoring you, just gone. :)