Create your own Witcher 3 quests with unofficial mod tools

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

If there's one thing that fans of The Witcher 3 a are crying out for, it's more, more, more - and the good news is, thanks to some brand new mod tools created my members of the community, you can create your own quest mods to share with the world (hint: on GameFront, if you like)...

Named Radish Modding Tools, they allow the creation of new quests by a combination of external modding tools, and a mod for the game itself that makes the whole thing work. Hopefully this addresses one of the biggest gaps in the modding scene for the game, and could lead to total conversions and other large quest mods.

Of course, such tools are still limited compared to official modding tools, but it's a solid and welcome step in the right direction, given the lack of official support by CD Projekt Red.

The tools are still being worked on, and it'll take some know-how to make it all work, as the author states, "don't expect clicky-pointy-done workflows", but if there's one thing we know too well here at GameFront, it's that there's no shortage of clever people around to take full advantage of these new tools.

The tools even allow new animations, to go along with your quests, as well as the ability to use the existing game's animation set. The tools are purely about quests, though, so they can't create new environments or anything like that, but hopefully we see some pretty cool quests come down the pipeline in the near future.

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3 years ago by Grey_Matter

I don't understand why they decided not to give proper mod tools for TW3 unlike the previous two games.