Witcher 3 Mod adds first game's prologue in glorious HD

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

The Witcher 3 may have been around for some time now, but there's no shortage of fans still loving the game, and this is reflected in the modding scene which is currently full of some amazing mods, many of which we've covered before here on GameFront.

One new mod in particular is "Witcher 1 Prologue Remastered", which aims to re-create the prologue from the first Witcher game in the newer Witcher III. Many fans of the series were only intorduced to t he series with The Witcher III, and may be reluctant to revisit the older games due to their age, something this mod aims to address by allowing you replay through some key backstory in modern HD graphics.

As you can see from the trailer, the difference between the original game and the mod is stunning, so even if you've played the first game, this is well worth a try just to experience it in new, shiny HD glory.

The mod does not just feature a port of the content from the original game, however. There's some all-new dialogue recorded for the mod, as well as the new and improved assets and textures. If you're interested in checking out the mod, you can take a look here.

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1 year ago by Mikey

This looks awesome!

joPxkxYlSvm0ZV4BpfyzloOXYzMmi5flBIJfazAJ.jpeg@RadioactiveLobster  ⁠ introduced me to the Witcher on 3, so I haven't played 1 or 2. Maybe it's time to get this mod.