60FPS Hair Physics Mod

This file is a fix for the limited frame rate of the hair physics when playing at a higher framerate than 30fps. It will improve the physics...


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File Description

This file is a fix for the limited frame rate of the hair physics when playing at a higher framerate than 30fps. It will improve the physics at 60fps, but any higher will still have issues. This is for those who have Hairworks disabled, as this issue is not present when using Hairworks. 

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Download 'HareFyzzXXX-3168-1-0.rar' (34KB)

This mod tries to fix a flaw in the game which makes Geralt's non-Hairworks hair not animate properly when playing at any framerate higher than 30fps. All hairstyles (including DLC) supported.

Please note: This mod is far from perfect, but about as accurate an approximation of vanilla 30fps hair bounce at 60fps as I was able to achieve as of now. It works best indoors. Outdoors the wind influence kind of throws it off.
It will require some further experimentation, but I'm throwing this out there so more people see it so maybe we can hammer out all the chinks in this mod.
If it's possible to selectively reduce Wind Influence for only Geralt (probably not) - and you know how to do it - please let me know!

IMPORTANT: This mod is specifically meant for 60fps and non-Hairworks hair.

The backstory
A while ago I accidentally capped my framerate at 30fps. I noticed that Geralt's hair moved and bounced much more believably. I had seen Geralt's hair move because of and along with his bodily motion and inertia in the infamous E3 2014 demo, but thought the hair physics had since been toned down for the final release of the game. Turns out: I was wrong, and everybody playing The Witcher 3 at 30fps had been enjoying proper hair physics all this time, while us 60fps guys were left out in the cold.
"No more!" I say, fellow witchers! Let us embark on an epic journey of rediscovering exquisite, super immersive E3 VGX hair physics for Geralt at 60fps!

What did I do?
Decreased the nodeMasses variable's values in the hair material files for every hairstyle in the game.

Extract it with winrar, place in mods folder which is in your The Witcher 3 directory. Or you could just download it and then proceed to install it with Witcher 3 Mod Manager, which I never want to miss an opportunity giving a shoutout to.

Delete it from your mods folder.

Credit and thanks:

--> essenthy 
for making the "Hairbang" mod and answering my questions, putting me on the right track to figure this out, and for giving me permission to upload

--> KoalaNalle
for being the best, most helpful and patient guy ever
also check out his new awesome mod HERE, it's great

--> AZwaffelForAWaffle
for lending me an ear on this issue

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