Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition - Runeword Overhaul

The mod seeks to change the current pool of runewords available at the runewright. Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition overhauls the system to offer...


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The mod seeks to change the current pool of runewords available at the runewright. Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition overhauls the system to offer only 3 variants, each combining 3 effects, resulting in what I deem to be an OP combination. To mitigate that I made various changes with customization and balance in mind.

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Download 'ini-tweaks v2.1-9-v2.zip' (1KB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 6th November 2019 6:01pm

Tweaked Runewords:

Obliteration - Renamed to Conflagration, is untouched and may still be upgraded from level 1 to 3. 
´╗┐Bereavement - level 1, infinite durability, is its own buff (Crystalization). Levels 2 and 3 are tiered and renamed to Omnicoat and Etherealization.
Etherealization - Added a new impact visual effect to reflect the blue aura of the runeword.
Severance - Level 1 is now its own runeword, Drain. Levels 2 and 3 have been separated into Extension and Infusion. However, at level 3 you may purchase a combined version of these two, called Spellsword, at an extensive cost. ´╗┐

New Runewords:

Hoarfrost I: A level 1 enchantment that imbues the blade with frost damage and a 10% chill chance.
Hoarfrost II: Upgraded at level 3 from Hoarfrost I and adds Winterblade's counter mechanic, whereby upon accumulating 5 hits a heavy attack unleashes a cold wave that freezes foes solid.
Duality: A level 3 enchantment that imbues the blade with both fire and frost damage, granting two rolls of a 10% chance to either chill or burn opponents. 

Visual Effects:

The mod also features a complete visual overhaul of most runewords that didn't have any visual flair beforehand. Some of those effects are taken from the game files, while others are the courtesy of menschfeind13, who graciously permitted me to make use of them. Aerondight and Iris also received some new visuals.


While you can try installing with Mod Organizer, I'd recommend manually placing the folders in their respective places. The two folders inside DLC go to the DLC folder. While the folders inside Mods go to Mods, obviously. However, you need to overwrite W3EE's files with the ones provided by this mod. Do not merge.

The only file you're gonna want to merge is def_item_ep1_runewords.xml. When merging always choose changes made by my file alone.


Reaperzz & Corvah - authors of the Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition.
menschfeind13 - who kindly allowed the use of their visual effects from the mods Runes Visual FX and Winter Blade FX.

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