Witcher 3 mod compilation

210449-176714-WITCHER MODS.zip


A compilation of mods, made as close as possible to being "ready to use".

Once I got around modding Witcher 3 - turns out it's not very easy. This compilation is meant to fix it.

Will update as I find new mods to include.


  1. Install and start the game unmoded first so it creates all the necessary files.
  2. Go to The Witcher 3 folder inside the Witcher Mods. 
  3. Back up DLC, bin and content/content0 folders just in case, then drag and drop all the folders into the root folder replacing the files.
  4. Now go back to the Witcher Mods folder in archive and go to Documents/Witcher 3
  5. Go to My Computer/Documents/Witcher 3 and drag'n'drop input.settings from archive to the folder.

In case there are errors - try running the Script Merger (select game destination, refresh, merge, pray it worked well).

Currently Includes:

  • basic utility mods: CommunityPatch Base, modBootstrap, modSharedImports, modBootstrap registry, - that make the whole thing tick.
  • RandomEncounters mod - adds random encounters to the world. Thought that it's a good addition, since normally after you clear an area - it stays empty, which is not fun. Best keep all its settings on "recommended" since fooling around with more detailed settings got me into a few weird situations, like during the opening tutorial at Kaer Morhen I had an army of monsters spawned by accident...
  • Auto-apply Oils - applies oils to your weapon based on enemy type you face as fight starts.
  • Everlasting Oils - makes amount of oil charges a lot more, making it so you don't have to re-apply it (it's already infinite, and going into menu mid fight kills the fun).
  • Item Levels Normalized - mod that adjusts item randomizer so it spawns items closer to your level.
  • Infinite item stacking - it's not infinite, but good luck maxing out amount of items in one slot. Nice for making inventory cleaner.
  • modStBolts - makes crafted crosbow bolts stronger, so they are somewhat compatible with melee.
  • modFixForLowXP - some sidequests were are bugged, not giving proper amount of XP and this should fix it.
  • modAllHerbRespawn - again, fix for a bug - some herbs wouldn't properly respawn after some time and this should fix it.
  • Aerondight Bonus - always felt like this sword needed some more love since crafted swords could easily outperform it. Adds sockets and very minor % bonuses.

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