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Skins Black Night Dress for Shani

This mod replaces Shani's default night dress with a black one.


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Skins Triss without Underwear

This mod removes the white underwear Triss is wearing with her night dress (but still wearing her night dress).


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Skins Red Skinned Lady of The Lake

This mod replaces default skin colour of the Lady of The Lake.


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Skins Shani With Blond Hair

This mod makes Shani's hair Blond.


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Skins Smooth-Shaven Geralt's Face

This mod modifies Geralt's face and it replace the rough-shave face with a smooth-shaven face.


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Skins Triss With Blond Hair

This mod makes Triss's hair Blond.


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Skins Black Suit with Golden Skulls

This mod replaces Geralt's default suit with a black suit with golden skulls.