Thief: The Dark Project v1.33 Patch

The latest official patch for Thief: The Dark Project. It is NOT to be used with Thief: Gold.


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The latest official patch for Thief: The Dark Project.

It is NOT to be used with Thief: Gold.

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Download 'ThiefDPPatch102-133.exe' (10.15MB)


- EAX Support

Thief now supports Creative Labs' "Environmental Audio Extensions" (EAX). Using reverb, EAX allows the Thief sound engine to play sounds that give the player a greater sense of space. For example, large rooms will echo more than narrow carpeted hallways. 
If your sound card supports EAX and you have enabled sound hardware acceleration, Thief will automatically use EAX. EAX can be disabled from the sound options panel. 

- Joystick Support 

Thief now allows you to use your joystick to play Thief. By default, joystick is not enabled. To enable joystick support in Thief, open the file "dark.cfg" in your Thief directory using a text editing program, such Notepad, and add a line with the text "joystick_enable". 

- Cheats 

Mission Skipping: If you're tired of a particular mission, pressing "Control-Alt-Shift-End" will cause the mission to end and allow you to move on to the next mission. 

Money cheat: You can give yourself loot by adding the line "cash_bonus" to your "dark.cfg." If set to an integer, its value is added to your loot total for loadout purposes. 

Starting Mission: You can start the game at a mission other than Lord Bafford's Manor by putting the line "starting_mission X" in your "dark.cfg," where X is the mission number to start at. When you select "New Game," you will start at that mission. 


In some rare cases, throwing lots of flash bombs could result in Thief crashing. This has been fixed. 

Thief will now run in hardware with the riva 128 card, provided you download the very latest drivers from Nvidia. 

Murus will now turn to speak to you, when he's talking 

You can now bring the high priest to the take out window (the "take-out window" being slang for the hammer-shaped window where you talk to the hammers in the first place).

The door will not close behind you in the training mission when you go to the basketball court. 

The Cathedral doors in mission 7 now make lockpicking sounds 

The servant will now drop his tray in mission 5, when starled. 

Miss 5 phase 3 room brushing has been cleaned up. ("Miss 5 phase 3" being the escape from the "Assassins" mission when pursued by guards).

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