The Division 2 will get Public Test Server

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Everyone loves a good test server, and it seems that The Division 2 will be opening one of their own. 

Test servers allow players to experiment with new features and game modes before they're more widely deployed to the main servers. They give a good glimpse into future features for the game, but they're also buggy and hilarious fun at times.

It benefits developers, too, who get better stress testing and feedback on the new features and modes and get to test how they behave in more realistic conditions.

During the "State of the Game" livestream, the game's content manager, Yannick Banchereau stated that the new servers will open later this month, before the release of "title update 3".

We want people to experiment with them and to tell us if these are comfortable, if these are balanced in a proper way, or if they're already figuring out ways to make broken builds and things like that. 

Only the PC version will be getting a test server, though, probably as PC gamers are much happier to experiment and play with broken, untested features, I imagine. Any player on PC will be able to jump into the test server, though, but it'll be a standalone test version of the game on Uplay, but your characters can be imported and synced.

To go along with the test servers will be a feedback forum, so users can share their feedback and file bug reports.

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