Total War: Three Kingdoms 1.1.0 Beta Update

By Digz 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

The Total War dev team have been working on a lot of updates for Three Kingdoms and have released a fairly hefty patch which deal with a lot of bug fixes, visual upgrades, and balance changes.

To opt into the update go into your Steam library and right click on Total War: Three Kingdoms. Click priorities and hit the betas tab then you can select the update_beta option, once you select this and come out of the properties box your game will begin updating for these changes to take affect.

The major updates are as follows with one particularly good one in that the vassalage dominance of Yuan Shao's faction has been reduced, I remember seeing one diploamcy screen where he had over 20 vassals:

  • Stability (reduced crashes)
  • Many battle AI fixes and behavioural improvements
  • Further tweaks to vassalisation rules in order to reduce Yuan Shao’s vassal dominance
  • Improved tutorialisation
  • Improved UI with key tooltips added (e.g. Food breakdown)
  • Babies are now more likely to be born from marriages
  • UI can now be scaled up to 200% for 1440p (2k resolution)

You can read the full changelog here.


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