Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed Standalone Chapter Pack

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It's 190CE and after the most fiercest conflict seen in China's history so far there is a power vacuum that needs to be filled in the Han Dynasty. Lü Bu has killed Dong Zhou and taken over from him. You now have the choice of forging a new empire with your chosen leaders of Lü Bu or Sun Ce each with different narratives that will take their empire to glory released on the 19th March.

The introduction of chapter packs are new and the Total War team describe them as adding in new start positions and stories that cover time periods linked to the main storyline, keeping to content and main campaign and not going off the time period covered.

A World Betrayed contains:

  • Two new factions – led by Lü Bu and Sun Ce.
  • Thirteen playable factions – each with new starting positions, events, and story missions.
  • New battlefield units – including the Tiger Guard, Flying Riders, and Handmaid Guard.
  • New characters – featuring Cheng Pu, the Qiao Sisters and more.

You can read read more about the chapter pack here.


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