Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Guanxi Gameplay Most Challenging Total War Game Yet?

By Digz 5 years ago

Total War games have continued to challenge and always re-define what an RTS game is really all about. The army compositions, history, dynamic events, character traits and skills, the micro strategy of a battle and macro strategy of the campaign map have always ensured that you can have a different experience in every single campaign you play even if it's with the same faction. It's almost a given that you will never encounter the same means to an end of the campaign even if you play exactly the same style of gameplay with the same faction. In Three Kingdoms things are about to get even more dynamic and from the video released from the Total War team heroes are going to be the key to building a successful faction in the game alongside a strong army and economy to suit.

The video shows how the new hero system works and in this game you'll not only have to manage your towns, economy, army, unit leaders, faction politics, but you'll also have to manage the characters that are part of your court and ensure you keep their favour or you'll find that they may turn against you and end up destroying your dreams of domination. This game is going to present a significant challenge in good man management, as you would have to if you were a faction leader in real life, in addition to greater diplomatic options, man management is going to be the key that makes you unbeatable. 

Take a look at the video below:


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