Total War: Three Kingdoms Progress Update

By Digz 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Total War: Three Kingdoms is scheduled for release later this month after the developers postponed it's release from the original month of April. Since then we have seen a lot of content being driven out particularly on YouTube by the Total War development team and the latest update revolves around the mid game.

The mid game is a period in the game where you have started to grow your armies to conquer a few regions, or if starting as a difficult faction you have solidified what you started off with and are comfortable in terms of economy and military defence. Once you start expanding from there your early game is over and this where a lot of players find themselves in difficulties where expansion starts to slow (or stop for a while) as you focus on either your economy or diplomatic relations after a hectic start to the game grabbing as much land as you can.

The game is unique in a sense that heroes and individual characters you employ within your factions retinue are key to helping you achieve domination or can hinder you and cripple your faction. Lord have their own character and it defines how the AI plays them, it should also define the way you play with certain Lords because of their bonuses and factions they represent having certain quirks to accommodate their Lords style. 

The video below shows the mid game and some events that occur within Total War: Three Kingdoms:

There are many YouTubers out there too that are showcasing the game and one YouTuber I follow is HeirofCarthage and he posted a stream of him playing the campaign as Zheng Jiang which you can see below and it'll give you a better understanding of the new dynamics in the game and how the developers have once again taken Total War to a new level:


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