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Tracks A Little Snack

just a nice snack for you all to enjoy.


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Tracks Mind Break

Here is a very nice track which will make u go crazy :D. The name says it all, enjoy :D. RoguE Jedi


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Tracks SuperTek 3000 NP Challenge

This is a small but suspensful map that I have created because I wanted a map that is difficult but looks easy. Try it if you dare!


Tracks KicK-Flip

Kick and flip, lots of fun and speed programme -PF with MT and stunt -wall-ride -double loop -a big U-turn without spéci...


Tracks Mission: Speedtek

This track is one of the best I have played, it is very clever and is great fun to drive around on with objectives and other interesting fea...


Tracks Airways 2

The second part of the track Airways. Dont be fooled by the fact that it looks small. This took me a full 1.52min to get through (and a few...


Tracks Airways 1

A really nice track. Effort has been put into this and its nice and stylish and most of all: fun. Try it out


Tracks Twin Twister 2

This is a remake of one of my older Sunrise tracks. This version of the track is formatted for Nations and includes a bunch of new feature...


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Tracks Route

This is a hard track and will involve you attempting every route possible, it can be tricky and will involve drops and jumps , so don't be...


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Tracks Fuzion

this is a complex track, created to fuse the ideas of confusion and thats of a normal track, it will involve some leaps and jumps into a...


Tracks Fast Food

This Track is an enjoy map where you can get some good speeds, i ahve played this and rather enjoyed it, it has a moment where you aren't s...


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Tracks Reach the Sky

Welcome to reach the sky This map is all about getting frm the bottom of the map to the top, the top is worth all the wait with some extrem...


Tracks Route iI

This map is fully validated so you can play to your desire. For THis map you need to decide on what way you are going to take, with many...


Tracks Tunnels II

Welcome to tunnels two, this track was inspired by tunnels my first map involving tunnels, this one has some interesting tunnels. a broken...


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Tracks Upside Down

This map aint about time, it's about making it to the finish...


Tracks Reach the Sky II

This new version of Reach The Sky is kind on the user, with a speed ramp to the top alot easier to climb you will gain some good speeds, Th...


Tracks LongWay

I called this track longway, for two reasons A. if you take the wrong route you end up taking the "long way" around took me a long...


Tracks StairWays

A new map took me around 30mins to create, takes around 3 mins to complete and can be quite hard, i will be developing more maps within the...


Tracks Tunnels

THis track was created for pure enjoyment prupose, have fun, the tunnels on the map are great fun, and i have added in a normal loop and oth...


Tracks 2 Laps

This is a rather basic track to play around on, a few bumps and twisted tracks. There are two laps to this and is rather quick , i took...


Tracks evilempire's Track Pack

This small track contains 8 of my best tracks so far, have fun mucking around with these, need I say more? enjoy!


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Tracks Made For Crazy

Made For Crazy is track the author made for the Crazy Clan! There is not much speed, but still it is still quite a funny map.


Tracks Bumps

Here is a track i brewed up, its got lots of bumps and you will be doing many wheelies ;-) enjoy


Tracks crappy driver hidden danger

This track for me I found very hard, I spend around 20mins trying to complete it so if you like a hard one the this track is for you. The...