Mission: Speedtek

This track is one of the best I have played, it is very clever and is great fun to drive around on with objectives and other interesting fea...


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This track is one of the best I have played, it is very clever and is great fun to drive around on with objectives and other interesting features, lots of screenshots available for this track.

IMPORTANT: For best game experience, you should download This File and unzip it to your main Trackmania Nations directory. If you don't download this file, the media will be autodownloaded, but it takes a lot longer, so the images and sounds may not work the first time. http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/rebellion/SpeedtekMedia.zip Operation codename: Speedtek

Mission briefing: We have reasons to believe that the Speedtek Corporation, an enterprise known for important racing technology research, has been carrying out extracurricular activities, ranging from illicit alternative energy-source development to forbidden production lines. Since there is no possibility of proper legal investigation, we decided to make a fast, virtually undetectable approach using one of our most advanced recon units. Among our goals is to acquire Speedtek's financial documents which may reveal discrepancies which would lead to previously unregistered third party investors. We also need to get photographic evidence of their research facilities and supply routes. It's also necesary to fetch a prototype of the plasma energy core currently being researched, as well as the performance data from their Test Track. All this must be done within four minutes, which should be enough to escape before security forces arrive. There will be secondary objectives that may aid you in your mission, keep an eye out for them. Good luck.

Intro: YES, gotta see it! Ingame: YES, gotta play it! Outro: YES, gotta watch it!

Features: - 15 custom sounds! (Some mixed by myself, others from ut2k4) - About 20 custom images (Most made using Photoshop and CorelDraw) - Tons of cool effects, such as "realistic camera" effect in outro, or rain FX in one of the bonus objectives. - Non-linear objective-based mission! - Bonus Objectives will reduce your final time if found and completed!

This is the most Mediatracker-intensive track anyone has ever made, with 280 lines of MT not counting serial blocks! This map has taken quite some time to plan and develop, and is probably going to be my last track for this awesome game.

Any comments welcome!

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