The Trump Card

intense Playing with a mission theme, hope you all enjoy :-)

misson brief below



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intense Playing with a mission theme, hope you all enjoy :-)

misson brief below

MISSION BRIEFING Today we will begin operation Trump Card. The primary target is the enemy field headquarters, which is heavily guarded. A direct attack would be suicide, so we're going to use a hit n' run tactic: the Fire Team will distract the enemy while you "paint" the enemy structure for an airstrike. Your codename for this operation will be "Red" Before we do all this, however, we must find and eliminate an enemy spy, known to be in a nearby building. We can't allow him to provide any information to the enemy. Take him out from a distance, trooper, you're our best sniper out here. Last but not least, you should be careful on the way to your objectives. The area presents a mined location; look at your PDA so you know where the mines are planted. Also, remember to stay out of trouble, assisting the Fire Team is NOT your job, so just leave the area once you've completed your objective. Trying to help your team mates may prove harder than you think. Dismissed!

IMPORTANT - DOWNLOAD the MEDIA PACK Download it for best gaming experience. Unzip that file to your main Trackmania Nations ESWC directory, and all files will be placed automatically where they should

Woah. I've spent quite a lot of work on this track (about 45 hours of work!). This is probably the peak of my trackmaking, so you better enjoy it! Please watch both the intro and outro(the replay), because I've worked hard to make them look as good as a real movie

MediaTracker: Intro: YES - 65 blocks of MT Ingame: YES - 230 blocks of MT Outro: YES - 115 blocks of MT

Custom Content: - Custom textures (mod), especially designed for this track by myself! - 5 custom "signs" (which work as textures too, anyway) - 9 custom images (All proffesional level made by myself too) - 40 (!) custom sounds (Including voice overs, some of which I recorded myself, some sounds mixed by myself using Acoustica and Audacity, others from various sources) - Cool soundtrack for Intro and Ingame - Custom car and Skin "Wardog", especially made for this track (also by me ). Make sure you check it out before you play the track (Yes, it's the one on the screenie)

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