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"VULTURE" Speedtek corporation secret weapons research facility "Vulture", ha...


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"VULTURE" Speedtek corporation secret weapons research facility "Vulture", has been conducting experiments on a new weapon design which changes the pressure in the atmosphere. For unknown reasons, this weapon has been activated to be used against it's very own core at the facility. The level of destruction could be massive if the installation is not evacuated immediately. You enroll one of Speedtek corp.'s scientists, and must escape the complex before the storm gets worse...

IMPORTANT - DOWNLOAD the MEDIA PACK availble here Download it for best gaming experience. Unzip that file to your main Trackmania Nations ESWC directory, and all files will be placed automatically where they should

This is my new story track, making use of my StadiumStorm mod. It plays well online (depending how fast your connection is, to download the images which have locators)

MediaTracker: Intro: YES!!! Ingame: YES!!! Outro: YES!!! I didn't count the blocks this time because I think I've made way too many

Custom Content: - Custom rainy textures (mod) - Custom signs from my CityNights mod - 5 custom images (Rain FX and TTC's PDA) - Custom sounds (Rain, wind, thunders and indoors fx) - Cool soundtrack from UT99

Thanks to my clan members who helped me test this track and hunt down a couple of bugs!

All this is included within the Media file mentioned above. Enjoy!

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Download 'w09fv08fu07fl06ft05fu04fr03fe.challenge.gbx' (34KB)

You will need the Stormy Stadium Mod here,;74149

place the map in you Game Data/Tracks/Challenges/Downloaded

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