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Tracks Impossible Track

perfecti don't care if you share thiswhen i say impossible on the first try, i mean without restarting onceBEST MAP EVAR


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Tracks RocketLauncher

track. (Total Length: ca. 1.30) Hope you enjoy it!!!


Island Alphatron Long

A nice track with lots twists and turns. Good for a mean race, play dirty or you won't get anywhere!


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Island Synchro

A good track with twisty corners a real fighter type cricuit.


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Coast Paranoiac Symphony Challenge

If you feel like driving a GP, why not give this track a try? It's not flat, it's not too hard and it's a lot of fun.


Car Models GT5 Model

This is a realistic model of the GT5, it looks exactly like and when you drive it, boy oh boy can feel it go!


Coast Walls

A nice circuit to race on with fast corners and not so long straights that make you work hard. A quite difficult port section which cang et...


Car Models Collection GT3035

A new Car model, it looks sleek and stylish, really only for any speed deamon out their, it'll make you go so fast you'll win every race,...


Island Donnington Park Track

Representing the original World Touring Car Championship, this circuit produces a great challenge for drives and their cars with long straig...


Island Catalunya Track

A great track to race on, Catalunya was once a Formula One track very deeply thought out and it made drivers work for the whole of the race,...


Island Bahrain Track

This is the Formula one based track design, this Bahrain race track really gives you the feel of a formula one driver with a fast pit straig...


Video TrackMania United Trailer

Focus Home Interactive today released a new official trailer for TrackMania United, their upcoming high-speed racing title for PC. In this n...


Coast Relax

It's called relax. Why? because this is a cool and calm track, which won't bother you with impossible section or astronomical jumps. He...


Island Speed Parade

It's a very fast track with wallrides, loops and some jumps. There's a nice Intro, outro and ingame-experience.


Bay DownTown Rampage

This is a track that requires speed and skill. This track was made with the snow mod for bay but it still works on the normal mod


Coast Coast 1

A relatively quick and easy track, the author made it a multi lap in the hopes that it'd be suitable for both time attack and rounds games.


Island Radical Good Speed

It's fast, it's smooth, it's got stunts, it's got such an awesome design that it could only be known as Radical Good Speed!


Island Drifting

Here's the first of another little Island track series, "Drifting" (2500C). This name is actually only appropriate for keyboarders. If I...


Bay Descendre

This challenge is very special because there are 12 possible roads to finish the track (45s-2mn). Enjoy, and try to find the faster road!


Bay Karl XI

Technical bay map suitable for analog drivers mostly. Good in rounds but needs training if to be regular cause of the tricky parts.


Coast Monday Warrior

Easy track to drive, hard to master. The track has * 4 jumps * 2 chikanes * normal road, GP track pices and road going beside the wate...


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Bay Shadow City

Turn on the engine and master the challenge through the dark city. At first you’ll be able to relax, but after the Press Forward Start the c...


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Video TMS-Trailer

I'd like to recommend this video. I think you'll really enjoy this action-packed, fun-filled, by-the-seat-of-your-pants, pants?-what-pants...


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Coast Lost

Its really great map with an intro. Good combinations and great flow is present and accounted for!


Coast Rome Revisited

A nice sceinic track that takes you through old roman ruins. Features: Two stunt Press Forward Start Fast, smooth 2:00 track.


Island Meltdown

This track is hot like hell! Features: · crazy PF-start · high speed · daring jumps · many ideas · author´s time: 1:07:87


Island A Place For My Head

Named after a song of Linkin Park. Facts: PF-Start: A jump over the water into a tunnel Some smooth (hope so) jumps 1 Loop 1 Corkscre...


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Island Still Perfect

Fun, simple to race and still perfect for online...Big jump at the finish and two cool jumps....


Island Port Royale

Here's a beautiful track in the lovely sunset-mood. It's not hard, just try to be as fast as you can. Have fun! Coppers: 2100 Intro: y...


Island Double Team

t's a very smooth track with cool ideas and finish. Facts: Copper--1800+ Lenght--1 min Style--Race Off Roads--yes (A bit) First 3...


Bay Mercator

Technical fast track with offroad and onroad parts. Enjoy.


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Video Crossroads N2 and LT5

Llittle video containing - Clips from my own tracks - own Skins - additional signs and adverts (animated, films) - 10-20 Cars per Trac...


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Video Stop The Flip

Little video containing - Clips from my own tracks - own Skins - additional signs and adverts (animated, films) - 10-20 Cars per Track...


Coast Hangar 17

17 seconds PF followed by about 30 seconds of high-precision driving: one U turn, two 90 left turns, one chicane and a dodge. Try it!


Coast Emerald Coast

Another 5min-coastal beast for you. Have fun with it and hit the gas on the tricky jumps.


Bay Mushroom Bridge

Based off of Mario Kart's Mushroom Bridge seen in Double Dash!!, here is the Sunrise version in Bay. Download the music for the track [u...


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Island The Core

This track is a must for everyone who loves to drive on walls.


Island Driving Mood

It has got some nice jumps and cool idea's. Some of the jumps may be hard but they are possible. It has also got a PF start. Hope you enjoy...


Island Lethal Invasion

A fairly fast track with a combination of jumps, drops, tunnels, road course, and more! Easy to learn for all skill levels, but challengi...


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Island Chasing day

Some tech parts on this island day track. But not too difficult, be quiet. You'll have one wallride on your way. 5000 coppers used.


Island Citymetric

Symmetric track, with long inclined curves, long jumps and slow curves. You'll drive at the end of the day, in an urban track. Follow the i...


Island Rock and Rolls

Rolls in tunnels and on the land. There's a loop with two way too. Download, and have fun.


Coast NightMaster

A Coast track that lasts about a minute. Probably great for WR Hunting. Lots of Jumps, a loop, turns, drops, and fun packed in.


Bay A Flip Trip

Lots of twists and turns and making you upside down, get flipped in flip trip!


Bay Red Bridge

In this track there are many possibility cheats in stunts to use, to be able to use how for example abbreviations! Many good jumps and two l...


Island Alienride 2

Sequel to my Alienride space track! Short, fast and stunty as usual. PF-start included. Enjoy! Uses alienplanet mod, get it here:...


Island AstrO

A simple island track by sunrise. A few jumps and a tricky one _see the intro and run the track then you will understand. Some tunnels, road...


Coast Sunny Road To Salina

Coast track for people who normally wouldn't download one. This one has (almost) no tight curves, silly loops or endless straight ahead par...


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Island Sheltered Racing

Check out this tough track featuring "triangular tunnels" in the sky, as well as a dynamic start and/or PF.


Island Jumpaholic

Here's an island track for wallriders and loops' drunkards. If you like those kinds of run, why don't you try it... Jumps and speed...


Coast Brise

New coast track. It has an intro and in-game mt but there's no outro.


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Bay Lights

Follow the lights of the night... Several loops, bridges jumps, full MT. Enjoy.


Bay Skatepark style 2

Skatepark style, episode 2. Added is a loop at the end of the track. Again; full MT, nice smooth and fun track. Enjoy!


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Island Flying spirit

Another track in an airport style, a little bit like my Airport race track. But this time you will spend more time in the air... Enjoy !


Coast Fun C17

Technical map, a minimum level is required on it. Could be really fast as really low....Hope you will enjoy on it.


Coast The Meadow of Arabia

This track is really funny. Fast with 3 nice loops. Multiple routes to the finish.


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Island Weird Groundz

Here's an island by night. Formerly building to run several laps, after all it's one lap. The start is the finish and the middle section.


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Other Updated Dedicated Server

It works the same way as the previous TMSX/TMO dedicated server, differences are less command line arguments and more in the config file, ve...


Coast Power Run

New Coast track - the same style as JOYRIDE. Have fun!


Island Power Run

This map is super fast with lots of cool stunts!