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Bay Bay-Trip

This is a simple and beautiful track for TMS. No special challenges but simply a great view to enjoy for you :)


Bay Bay-Trip

This awesome track has great loops and is a little bit smooth. I also has very good use of Scenery. In this version the MediaTracking is bee...


Bay Special Baybay

Yup Yup! This track is nice MediaTracked. And it's Very smooth! :) Not superfast, but for Bay it's fast. i am sure u like this piece of g...


Bay BloodredBeauty

Wow! This track was trying me to say bad words... This track shows the ultimate power of Bay! It has a great Intro and Outro. In the beginni...


No Screenshot
Bay Nightly Dash

This track is actually pretty good! It's smooth, fast and the mediatracking is very good! This is a must-have for Server Admins :) Author...


No Screenshot
Bay Also

A fast and furious Bay track, specifically built for multiplayer. It's a short track overlapping itself so you should have plenty of opport...


Bay Aim for the Top

says it in the name, aim high and get high, with some niffty jumps, you will find yourself jumping everywhere. enjoy!


Bay Westside

Welcome to the westside track, travel around in the evening on this small track.


No Screenshot
Bay Bayview

Good looking and interesting bay map designed for stunts. Check out the screenshot, I'm sure you'll like this.


No Screenshot
Bay FunKoTron

A funny bay lap track witch much curves and a nice scenary you have to drive 2 laps (1 lap = ca. 30 sec). Maybe this will be a SL2 candidate...


No Screenshot
Bay Bay-Rounder

This is a fast track with 2 laps. Building it costed me a lot of time, cause I jsut didn't got the right flow I wanted. And now (imo) it h...


No Screenshot
Bay Explore the City

This is another city map. Not that bad of a job. The city itse;f shares a resemblence to Chicago with the large, black, central office tower...


No Screenshot
Bay Sea Bowl

A fun but rather difficult map, have fun and get that air!


No Screenshot
Bay Bayley

another hard map by drshark, you will get loads of speed with the boosts n this map. Features -VERY HARD! -Took almost 5 hours t...


No Screenshot
Bay The X revolution

Hard but very very FUN.There is an intro and an outro.


No Screenshot
Bay Overload

2 islands, 2 tunnels and lots of speed! First island is full of loops. Second island is the road island and it's full of roads.


No Screenshot
Bay Tunnel Trouble 2

a genraly nice track, not that much of tunnels but still very good.


No Screenshot
Bay Tony Hawk's Underground

A track inspired by the popular skating game "Tony Hawks Underground" this track consists of many half pipe style jumps. This map is very...


No Screenshot
Bay The Dark Maze

This map is based around a large three-stage labyrinth. You may find this easy if your know where you are going otherwise you may end up goi...


No Screenshot
Bay Rätseln!!!

Here's one for all the demo users out there. I havent tried it myself yet but take a look at the screenshot. Prepare for a nice long ride.


Bay tmplayer

A nice original looking track by tmplayer. Hope you brought nightvision :)


Bay Bay Racer Advance 1-1

A top down perspective racer, first in the series. Intro: No In-Game: Yes Outro: Yes


Bay Acceleration Madness

The Tricky Part of this map is when to brake in the corners so the speed ramps don't throw you off the edge. Good Luck!


Bay Dock

This is a very easy stunt race. You can get 600-800 points with spins and jumps.


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