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Island Ye Track

This is a nice short track for all you TMS fans out here. The file was created with the demo and is the first attempt of the mapper. Well do...


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Island Spider Dreams

This is just a awesome track, try it! you surely like it!


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Island Oxo's First Map

It's not the best track there is, but give the little guy a chance, and By The Way, it's not so bad :)


Island jumpytrack

A nice Island track. Will not work in the demo! :)


Island Impuls

This track is made by the genius "Panis". Panis make's all his tracks fast, smooth, supersonic & Übercool... i guess u already tryed 1 of...


Island D3mon Speed

This track is, Fast, and so very smooth! It has wallride parts and smoothy jumps. And By The Way, the MediaTracking is very nice :)


Island Complex (Demo)

Here is my attempt at the most amount of track fit into the least amount of space. Somewhat technical, but you'll like the boxed-in feel. I...


Island Descent

Here's a track which starts you at the top, and you work your way over platforms to the bottom, after which you rocket back to the top, onl...


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Island Dodging Bullets

Can you dodge obstacles at high speeds? Here's your chance to make your way slalom style through four gates at very high speeds. There's onl...


Island Deadsenses (Demo)

The author of this track is inspired by Panis. Panis makes smooth and fast tracks. The author of this track, GoG, also tried to make a fast...


Island Flatland

Here is a fun track with many turns. It takes up all the land on a somewhat modified basic island layout. Find the places to take the turns...


Island -32- GrandSlalomNights

A superfast and almost scary track to drive. It may take a few tries to work out the route, but if you follow the signs, you should have n...


Island PauZed

A fantastic track Superfast and great fun to drive. Quite awsome design!


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Island SlimeWalls

This island track is fast, not smooth, but fun. It has much wallride parts, if i am correct, there are 4 wallride parts. The mediatracking i...


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Island Four Bumps

Here's a course in which you travel through and over each of four bumps at least twice. It's a rather fast track with a spot for multiple...


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Island -32- Son Of A Diddly

A fast and smooth track. Although it has to be said this will only be the case if you drive it well! There is nothing to trip up on, or catc...


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Island Sadistic Sunset

A nice tight and twisty track, which some cheeky quarter pipe jumps! :)


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Island Offroading

It's time to judge how quickly you can complete a race course with very limited amounts of track! You've got checkpoints, but other than t...


Island Skipping

Ever wonder if cars can bounce? Even off of water? Here's your chance to test your ride out. Every jump on this course (and there are over...


Island Horse Power

A modified version of horse power. Also placed an extra block on the last jump to make it easy for noobs


Island Gates of Urizen

This track is very difficult but it gets easier after playing it a couple of times. It is a steap learning curve.


Island The End of the World

Very cool track with a soothing sunset in the background. The total length of this track is 1m 15s


Island Volcano Island

Another fine map by JohnWE. As the title implies, this is set around a volcano.


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Island NightAirJordan

Night track with some heights and some depths might wanna do some aircontroll on the jump in the screenshot because you need that piec...