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It works the same way as the previous TMSX/TMO dedicated server, differences are less command line arguments and more in the config file, ve...


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It works the same way as the previous TMSX/TMO dedicated server, differences are less command line arguments and more in the config file, verify your dedicated.cfg there is some more things in it. For the linux version it's about the same, if you know unix you should not have problems to make it work. Don't forget that you must have an account and specify its login and password in the dedicated.cfg ! To make you dedicated account, it depends upon the game (it needs the cd-key for TMO and TMSX) : - For TMN : make an alternative account from the game itself. Now login should be created automatically if coutry is indicated and login is not already used. - For TMSX : http://www.trackmaniasunrise.com/dedicated/indexUk.php - For TMO : http://www.trackmania.com/dedicated/indexUk.php

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Download 'tmdedicatedserver_20060425.zip' (7.88MB)

- a little issue with the logs.

- it is no longer possible to connect to a server with the same login twice.
- fixed a bug in LAN games introduced in v2006-04-18.
- the field IpAddress in the player info now actually contains the IP (and not the login...)
- updated the c# xml-rpc lib so that it's easier to change server port / ip. (thanks to Cyrlaur).
- (windows) After a server restart, the gamelog file is no longer overwritten.

- added /autoquit to avoid zombie servers.
- added ChatSendServerMessageToId, ChatSendServerMessageToLogin xml-rpc commands.
- worked around a bug with the case of logins. (disturbing, for instance, the votes)
- (team, laps, rounds) sorted the scores by time when points identical.
- other small bugs.. (dns issues, random crashes ...)

- The guestlist has now precendence over black/ban lists.
- (rounds, team) BestCheckpoints now contains the checkpoints from the best race, and not the checkpoints from the last race..
- GetVersion() also returns the current dedicated server version.
- EndRace() callback now also sends the current challenge
- fixed issues with validation in team mode
- new chat command '/version'

- fixed score in rounds mode when more than 20 players cross the finish line.
- (sunrise, orginal) PlayerConnect callback now has the login..
- Some problems with team mode (validate, ...)
- (windows) Fixed the logs (shared read flag, directory now correctly created)
- Only '/s' is a reserved chat command, and not all strings starting with 's'...
- More infos in GetCurrentRanking: the PlayerId (which is the team number in team mode), + all the checkpoints time of the best times
- updated php and c xml-rpc samples.
- added some more details in the logs
- fixed some issues in ChooseNextChallenge()
- ChatSendToLogin() now works even if the player is a spectator.
- New command ForceScores() available in rounds and team to change fix the scores.
- (linux, original/sunrise) some problems with invalid times should be fixed.

- fixed a little problem with dealing with default value for /bindip
- Added a xml-rpc command to cancel a vote.
- fixed a bug in xml-rpc that would shutdown the connection when receiving a lot of commands at the same time.
- Added a StatusChanged() callback
- Fixed a problem introduced in the previous version with saving guest/black lists.
- (sunrise, original) Some adjustments to SetFinishTimeout()
- (nations) Added the nation of the players in the PlayerInfo xml-rpc struct.
- polished the xml-rpc C example.
- fixed an issue with GetCurrentRanking() in team mode.

- You can now chose the IP to bind to. (/bindip , <bind_ip_address>)
- If no blacklist filename is specified, the default one is loaded.
- You can now read the result of a ServerMessage via xml-rpc (GetServerMessageResults, and PlayerServerMessageAnswer callback)
- A new sample xml-rpc client has been added. It is a C library, and shows how to use callbacks.
- some bugs fixed (memleaks, c# client library, the xml-rpc callbacks,...)
- there was an unused UDP port opened..

- the dedicated server account is now automatically registered. you don't need to do it from the game any longer. (but you have to provide a valid nation in addition to login/password)
- You can now limit the xml-rpc to listen only a specific ip (in addition to the loopback address). Just specify an ip (or symbolic address) in xmlrpc_allowremote parameter.
- added a command to force the current Round/laps to finish. ForceEndRound()
- (sunrise, original) Rounds/Laps mode. You can now set the time allowed for the other players to finish the race after the first one arrived. Set/GetFinishTimeout().
- added a command to upload a file via xml-rpc interface. WriteFile()
- Changed the xml-rpc custom protocol, in order to allow &quot;callbacks&quot;. You can now receive the following events:
PlayerConnect, PlayerDisconnect, PlayerChat, ServerStart, ServerStop, BeginRace, BeginRound, RaceOver, PlayerCheckPoint, PlayerFinish
- set SO_REUSEADDR on listening sockets.
bugs fixed:
- The ladder is now disabled if you create a server with more than 50 players.
- (linux) The server should no longer block for a long time, and make all player times invalid.
- (linux) The dns problems that where present on some distributions should now be fixed.
- Security checks on the xml-rpc command have been reinforced.
- During the vote, after the time expires, the abstentionists no longer count as voting &quot;no&quot;.
- The restart no longer triggers a full reload after changing some parameters that don't need it.
- The shuffle should now be always different at each run.
- Fixed issues with filenames - RemoveChallenge & friends should now work better.
- GetPlayerList(10,0) now returns 10 players if available (and not 9..)

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