Maserati MC12



So, here I have the famous MC12 for all TM: United (Forever) and TM: Nations Forever. Note that this file MAY not work for TM: Nations if it's not upgraded to "Forever". So, what to say about this? Well, it's fast, it's beautiful.... Ahh, I let the Screenshots speak for themselfs. Pictures say more than a thousand words! Enjoy!

So, I LOVE this skin, I'm keeping it! This is a maserati race car, and its well made indeed.

Definatley worth the download! Ocho

Oh, Credits to A guy called BiggieMike from trackmania carpark for this write a comment if you want this removing!



Maseati MC12

Modeled and textured by BiggieMike.


Very nice and high detailed Model of a Maseati MC12.

Skins 3D and 2D by BiggieMike @ Trackmania-Carpark.com

Only compatible with TrackMania: United (Forever) and Nations Forever.

Installing Instructions

Put the File into this Directory

>>> TrackMania - Skins - Vehicles

You have the Choice of 7 Folders:
>>> American
>>> Rally
>>> SnowCar
>>> Stadium
>>> BayCar
>>> SportCar
>>> Coastcar

Should work well in every Folder. Only tested in SportCar Directory.


I do not own this File! This File is made by BiggieMike, trackmania-carpark.com.
All Credits go to them and trackmania-carpark.com


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