Mashakosha's 4 track pack

4 tracks for Trackmania United. 1 Desert, 1 Rally and 2 Stadium.


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4 tracks for Trackmania United. 1 Desert, 1 Rally and 2 Stadium.

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Here is a pack of 4 tracks made by me, Mashakosha.

Canyon Duel
Get yer dixie horns at the ready 'cos this is one rootin' tootin' crazy ride! You'll want to keep your speed up then bring it right down.
My best - 1:12.33

Kicker Expert
My first ever track, now refined and made even harder. I don't call it expert for nothing! Watch that first step because it's a doozey!
My best - 1:05.68

Towers 'n' Tunnels
Speed over castle ramparts, standing watch over a small village in idyllic surroundings. A fairly straightforwars track compared to my othjers, but still tristy enough to keep you on your toes.
My best - 1:23.19

Dirty Undercover
Underneath an expansive stadium complex lies a darkened track. What untold secrets lie within? Race the track and find out!
My best - 1:15.20

HOW TO INSTALL (Taken from
1. Download the track.
2. Unzip the folder to a temporary one.
3. Copy and paste the "" (example name) to your Trackmania root folder. Standard would be:
"C:/Program Files/TrackMania/GameData/Challenges/Downloaded"
4. in order to play the track open the game, select "Solo" and "Challenges" in the main menu. If you installed everything like said above the track will appear in the list.
5. Enjoy the race!

If you wish to redistribute these tracks you may do so but please ask my permission first. Check my profile for a contact e-mail address.

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